Setting up custom pricing for add-ons

Add-ons can have many prices (different for each service they are added on to).  This makes setting a custom price for them near impossible (would mean setting and maintaining many custom prices for each).

There are two work around's though.  Which one works best depends on how heavily you use add ons vs primary services, or if you use custom services for your prices groups.

A : If you have more primary services and not many add ons

You can create add-ons that can only be seen and booked by specific customers. This allows you to have specific pricing for the add-on.

  1. You'll need to create special add-on services for just that customer, go to Setup > Services
  2. Create the add-on service then scroll down to the bottom 'Other services that have 'add-on name' as an add-on' and choose which services the add-on can be booked with.
  3. Click 'Save Changes'
  4. Next go to Setup > Custom Pricing and create a price group for that customer or customers only.
  5. Select which services they can book (including the special add-ons) and set the prices for the add-ons.
  6. Check any other Custom Price Groups (including your default group) to ensure the add-on is NOT selected, it shouldn't be but it's worth checking.
B : If you have more add-ons that primary services, or have custom packages for a price group.
  1. Duplicate the primary services (by clicking the duplicate icon next to each one)  - Or create the new custom packages  
  2. Change the add on prices on the new copies to suit the price group and save. (Add on pricing can be changes on either the add on service itself, or on each of the primary services it's added onto) 
  3. Remove the new primary services from the "Default" price group ( Setup > Custom Pricing )
  4. Create a new prices group for the customer group.
  5. Remove the old primary services and ensure the new primary services are available
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