How do I sync with Microsoft Outlook?

Ubookr works best linked to Google calendar, but some users may prefer to stick with Outlook for their calendar events.

If you wish to sync your Outlook events with your Google calendar, so that you are shown as busy during your Outlook events, you'll need to set up syncing your calendars. While you can sync a Google calendar to Outlook, Outlook only offers a way to export your calendar to Google, but changes don't get updated when you make them, which will likely cause you lots of problems.

The solution is to use an extra tool to sync them.

This article shows 6 tools, with various pricing options including free: 6 Tools to Sync Microsoft Outlook With Google Calendar

Another solution we have encountered is GSyncit. It has worked seamlessly for some of our users and we’ve heard positive feedback about its ease of use. You can download it here

Another option is and from what we've seen so far this is great, it's costs a few dollars a month but is super easy to use.

We are always interested in our customer's feedback about other tools they use for making Ubookr work for them if our recommended calendar (Google) isn't suitable.

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