How to invoice using Xero and Ubookr

Important Note: Ubookr currently only supports invoicing for Xero users. 

Go to Send Invoices on the menu on your dashboard

1. Match your Ubookr client with your Xero Contact. If you elect to '  Add a new contact' you must remember to go to Xero and fill in the client contact details, otherwise the invoice will not have a person or email address to be sent to.
2. Set the invoicing mode to either  Draft (invoices are created and sent to Xero but they can still be edited in Xero and need to sent from within Xero) or  Approved (invoices are final and emailed to the customer)
3. These buttons make it easier to group bookings into invoices. You can choose to create invoices in one of three ways.  Per customer (sends one invoice with all bookings).  Per address (groups all bookings associated with an address into one invoice). Per booking (sends one invoice per booking).
4. Now select which bookings you want to invoice. Bookings set to  Never will not show up again for invoicing. Bookings set to Invoice will be invoiced when you click the '  Create invoice & send to Xero' button
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