Setting availability rules for multiple locations

You will also need to have created a work area (set of postcodes) for each office or region you work in. See How to create work areas

After you have linked your Google account and created your work areas follow these steps.

Step 1. On your Ubookr dashboard go to Setup Staff

Step 2. Scroll down to the 'Work Areas' section.

Step 3. Press 'Click here to add additional availability setup'. This creates another set of availability rules for your account.

Step 4. Give the new set of rules a name eg, Summer Hill Area

Step 5. Pick which services you will be offering at this location.

Step 6. Pick the corresponding work area for this set of rules.

Step 7. Choose which days and hours you are available at this location. In most cases it is important that these days and hours do not overlap with other locations.

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