How to use Custom Pricing

Custom Price Groups allow you to charge different customers or groups of customers specific prices and/or different services.

This is especially useful when you have negotiated special prices for a customer. 

Custom Price Groups also allow you to control which services or products a customer can see and book. They can also be used to hide services from all customers, so they can only be used internally (only added to bookings by the supplier)

Once a customer is added to a Custom Price group they will only be able to see the services and prices in their Custom Price Group when they are making a booking. 

How to use Custom Price Groups:

  1. You'll need to create all the services or products that the customer will be able to book, go to Setup -  Services and create the services.
  2. Go to Setup - Custom Pricing
  3. Give the Price Group a name and description.
  4. Select which customers will be included in the price group.
  5. Now you have the option of setting a discount or markup to apply for that customer, this will be applied to all services.

  6. The other method is to select which services will be available to customer in the Custom Price Group by ticking/unticking the green boxes.
  7. You can also put in a specific price for each service.

  8. NOTE: Ticking the 'All services' checkbox means that any new service you create will be automatically added to the Custom Price Group - use with caution on Custom Price Groups. It's on by default in the Default Price Group, see below.

  9. Save your changes.

NOTE: It's also worth knowing that you will automatically have a Default Group. All customers not in a Custom Price Group will see these prices as well as the general public making bookings from your website, if you allow that by not selecting "Requires an account" in your booking widget setup in your Company Profile settings.

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