Flexible, powerful calendar options

Have you ever wanted to be able to block out common times on all your bookable staff's calendars?  Or wanted to control the events on them? 

The default is for staff to link up their own calendars, which is very powerful, and supports them sub contracting (contact support for more information about this feature), and managing their own busy time.  For more complex setups, consider one of the following.

Share a single staff wide calendars (for blocking out common times) with staff/contractor google accounts -


  • This is the simplest and most suitable for contractors and part time people
  • Allows them to manager their "Busy" time events during work hours like
  • One off's like a dentist apt etc
  • Repeat ones like "Pick up the kids every Wed afternoon"
  • They also have another business they work for (own or contract to) - allowing them to sub contract via ubookr, split up their calendars
CONS :   They need to drag that calendar up into their "busy time" middle section
Manage users and staff calendars from google workspaces
PROS : Almost all upsides I think,
  • You and the user get pretty full control of this calendar (assumptions made here about the ACL / assuming admins get admin access to users calendars, full control)
  • Staff get a company domain email address and calendar
  • Email can be hosted by google or any other provider.
  • Requires some setup, but is free if google isn't hosting your emails!
  • Potential Privacy issues for staff?  (they might need to link (share) their personal/other companies calendar with their user@yourcompany google ones, but google might handle this nicely, and ubookr does too) - TODO: Research this
  • Each staff member would have to link their account separately (just like they do their personal gmail)
One google account with a "sub" calendar per user in it's main calendar
  • Easy to setup.
  • Simpler to manage?  (Just create a sub calendar per bookable staff member)
  • Google cal sharing emails (if enabled) all would come from one business email address
  • Staff members won't need to link their accounts (this is managed by ubookr, see CONS)
  • Difficult if not impossible to be used by subcontractors (but you can mix all of these with whatever's best per staff member)
  • Requires a paid account (or maybe just a free business one?) for the API limit requirements
  • Requires asking Ubookr support to connect each sub calendars to each staff member, but this is trivial and we can do it very quickly.
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