Travel Fees and how to use them

Travel Fees are a Ubookr feature that allow you to charge extra for travelling to work areas that may be further than your normal work area. 

For example: Fiona lives and works in New York City but she has a customer that has a second office in the Hamptons. Fiona is happy to travel to the Hamptons for bookings but needs to charge extra to cover her time to get to and from the bookings.

You can create as many travel fees as you need and apply them different work areas. Only one travel fee can be applied to a work area.

To setup Travel Fees there are two steps. The first step to create a service. The second step is to create a work area and apply the fee. 

Here's how you do it:

Step 1.

  1. Go to Setup > Services
  2. Create a new service, the category must be Travel Fee (this causes the system to automatically manage it)
  3. Name the Travel Fee Eg. The Hampton's Travel Fee
  4. Set 'Add-on only' to Yes
  5. Select any Staff that may work in the area
  6. Scroll to the bottom and Save Changes

Step 2.

  1. Go to Setup >  Work Areas
  2. Create a new work area which will have the travel fee applied.
  3. Name the work area Eg. The Hampton's
  4. Select a new color for the area.
  5. Select the Travel Fee service you've just created from the dropdown.
  6. Use the tools on the map to select the zip/postal codes that make up the work area.
  7. Select any staff that are available to work in this area.
  8. Save the work area.

That's it! Next time a customer makes a booking in the new work area the travel fee will be automatically applied and listed as an item on their booking details and invoice.

Special Tag: No Travel Fee

When you link a work area to a travel fee service, the system automatically creates a tag called "No Travel Fee", which can be applied to any booking to stop the system automatically adding the travel fee.

How to create ad-hoc travel fees

You can create an ad-hoc travel fee by setting up a new add-on service.

  • Use the service category Other or similar (It is important that this is not in the Travel Fee service category, which is automatically handled by work areas as above, or this method will not work)
  • Call it something like "Travel Fee" or "Custom Travel Fee".
  • Set it to Add On Only.
  • Tag all services you want to be able to apply it to.  
  • Set the price for each to $1
  • Set the maximum qty to say 200.

This will allow you to add a "Travel Fee" add-on to any booking and set the price from anything between $1 and $200.

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