How to create a tag

Tags are a really nifty way of adding extra information to things like bookings, staff and customers.

For example, if you have a customer that always wants you to take an extra close-up photo you can create a tag named 'Close-up' and assign it to that customer. Then every booking for that customers has the tag 'Close-up' shown so you and your staff don't forget.

You could use it to tag bookings

  • When subcontractors are assigned (tags tab in staff edit)
  • That are discounted, or for a agency chain (by setting the tag "discounted" or "LJ Hooker" to certain Custom Price Groups)
  • Tag for certain customers (in the Tag tab in Customers)
  • Tags for certain services like video or drone (Tag tab in Service editing)

And then use the tags for filtering booking.  See related articles

Head on over to to get started, there is a guided tour (the big ? at the top).

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